Where you can find us

Malo skin care is always growing, you can find us across New Brunswick and expanding across Canada


Sussex NB

General Store Emporium


Oromocto NB

Polished Beauty Bar


Fredericton NB

Whimsey on Main

Precision Pilates

Bliss Gift Boutique


Halifax NS

Precision Pilates

Why Vanilla?

Why Vanilla?
Vanilla is the most popular flavour profile in the world but people are surpised to know that 99% Vanilla Products are made artificially. The scent is produced from the enzyme Vanillin that can be extracted from coal tar, wood pulp waste, fermented bran and much more. We use real Vanilla to bring you the highest quality product.

Our Launch

Mālō is a luxury skin care brand that uses real Vanilla and natural ingredients so you can experience the luxurious scent and feeling of True Vanilla. We launched in January 2022 in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Founder Address
In 2012 I moved to the kingdom of Tonga to persue my life of adventure. An average morning in Tonga was waking up to the sound of roosters outside my window. I would roll out our Vanilla beans to heat and dry. This develops the enzyme Vanillin. I would make coconut oil
for the rest of the day until returning to put the Vanilla away for the night. This experience gave me a new appreciation for True Vanilla and I want to share this luxury plant with all of you.

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